6 Best Free Anti Virus For Android 2017

Best Free Anti Virus For Android 2017  - Well, to tackle cyber crime we android users need to become introspective. The easiest way to maintain the security of our android application is to install anti virus. For early prevention. In addition, for the sake of security are also advised not to access suspicious websites, download applications that are not verified, etc. Because the infected virus-prone activity.

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In fact each release a new update, Android renew their security systems are also quite complex, and virus and malware attacks of any sort is rare. However, it doesn't hurt to install one of the best antivirus for Android 2015 below. In addition to just in case, some of the features in this application is also very multipurpose.

Best Free anti virus 2017 android

What happens if android is infected with a virus? Many things can happen when android was already contaminated by the virus. The virus will damage the operating system, steal important data, etc. Well, imagine if you had robbed online asset data taken from android. Even though it's not much but it's dangerous.

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Well, just in case we can download and install this antivirus application on google play store. Many have already provided free of charge, there are also paid. Although the features provided on the application paid more complete.
Best Antivirus Application On Android

List Of 6 Best Antivirus Applications On Android 2017

1.360 Antivirus – Security Boost

Shot by 360 Qihoo 360 Security Software, including one of the best antivirus and security applications that are on the Google application is fun to Play, and has a feature complete. Everything you want is here, ranging from cleaning the device from threats, clean up junk, as well as have a privacy advisor and monitor data.
It's a shame you don't have the feature of anti-burglar like other applications, security 360 in other interesting features like being able to clean the files left behind by applications that are already diuninstall, corrupt files and other junk that should have been cleaned up.

2. Bit Defender Antivirus Free

Although it has a paid version, the free version of Bit Defender had quite a powerful tool. No matter how it works is very simple. You install the device, scan, enyahkan threat and then sit and wait for the sweet they are willing to idly trying to log onto your device. Granted, simple and fast. There are no extra features that weird and dizzying.
-Bit-Defender Antivirus
If you feel fit and want to improve the experience by purchasing a Bit Defender with a higher feature and complete, available Bit Defender Mobile Security who is available at a price of $15 per year.

3. AVG Antivirus Security

AVG AntiVirus is arguably one of the few well known antivirus applications. For the free version of this application include some major capabilities, such as antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing and anti theft. In addition AVG also detects the problem digadang-gadang the settings on your Android device. For those of you who love this application, you can subscribe to the monthly or yearly to get some premium features, such as app backup, SIM locking and locking app.

Who doesn't know this one antivirus application? Or AVG Anti Virus Guard is one of the best antivirus ever known Desktop PCs, is now released for Android, AVG provides two options weekly, a free version and a Pro version. The Pro version of course has additional features that are more complete and you can pay monthly or yearly.


However, if you choose the free version, you need not worry because the basic safeguards already owned by using the Avg. AVG you will get protection from Malware, Spyware and viruses that circulated in real time. There is even an option to close the application which makes your device to slow down or suck up too much battery.

4. Avast! Mobile Security

One of the best choices of paid security applications with a price cheaper than other security applications. Avast! is a pretty famous brand and first acquired the name thanks to antivirus software for Desktop PCs as well as AVG and AVIRA.
Security features which have fairly complete, ranging from the ability to check the application installed, the memory card content, the application which you want to install, filters and blocking SMS/calls. In the case of theft, Avast features a remote lock and wipe, GPS tracking and alerts. Avast will even give notice when someone is about to replace the SIM card.

5. CM (Clean Master) Security Antivirus & Applock

Save the best for last, the last one is CM Security – Clean Master Security provides the best protection will Malware attacks. Shot by Cheetah Mobile which is a research firm gave the assurance that the application is quite qualified, fast and comprehensive in providing security.
CM Security quite effective and provide complete security package despite its size quite petite. Friendly RAM, saving space, have the option scan SD Card as well as able to examine all the gaps are not limited to file.

6. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

The application is arguably the largest crackdown in terms of malware, because many people solve the problem of malware, either mobile or PC using this application. The workings of the Malwarebytes is detecting malware on a device, and then remove it.
In addition, this application can also detect any application that uses a malicious program or if any gestures to access users ' personal data without consent.

6 Best Free Anti Virus For Android 2017 Rating: 4.5 Written By: Bieb Alfie

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