8 Apps Lock Screen Android 2017 For Security

Lock Screen Android has evolved over time. There are various methods used to unlock it from the slide to unlock it with the pattern.

However, if you feel bored with the lock screen provided your smartphone, then you can try out some apps lock screen available on the Play following Store Android Authority.

Best Android lockscreen 2017

We would like to share about the lockscreen apps best android. Lockscreen app is a great alternative if you are bored with the default lockscreen android design. In addition, features on lockscreen app quite useful so that replace the default lockscreen is obliged to do. The following 13 application best 101Tekno.com version: lockscreen.

8 Apps Lock Screen Android 2017 

1. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is equipped with a minimalist design with a dark background and it shows notifications on your lock screen.

2. Anti Theft Alarm Screen Lock

Anti Theft alarm Screen Lock is a sort of hybrid between security applications and the application to lock the screen. When activated, it put the alarm on your device. This means that the alarm will beep when the people who tried to open the lock screen and could not pass through the lock screen.

3. Dashclock Widget

Dashlock Widget is not a replacement for lock screen but could possibly be one of them. You can use the Dashloack Widget as Widget on your home screen to receive all kinds of data including time, weather, notices, and more.

4. Echo Lockscreen Notification

Echo Lockscreen Notification application that can do many things. The application lock screen focuses give notice to lock screen unlike Android Lollipop. This application has a minimum experience and light that indicates a notification, warning, and security settings.

5. SlideLock Locker

With this locker, you unlock the screen with menggesr to the right and open the camera by sliding to the left. You can open the notification by sliding to the right and remove it by sliding it to the left. If you want to clean, then a locker locker this is worth trying.

6. Lockscreen Protect

LockScreen replacement not Protect lockscreen, but be a very useful security plugin. This plugin uses the android front camera to photograph anyone who entered the wrong pattern lock screen. If anyone entered the wrong pattern, this plugin will provide notification of who and how many times she entered the wrong pattern.

7. Lollipop Lockscreen

Diiinspirasi of Lollipop Lockscreen, Locker is intended for users who do not yet enjoy android Android Lollipop 5.0. Locker is very similar to the original, starting from animation, interface, to its feature.
Lollipop Lockscreen music controls at once show notifications and photo album. You can also make calls and access the camera directly from the lockscreen.

8. Locker Master

Locker Master has a number of unique theme such as the ukulele and shot shotgun. This application has a number of widgets and the ranks of the shortcut. Unlike most locker which put the ranks of shortcut horizontally, this app put a shortcut in addition to the ranks of the screen vertically so the shortcut that appears more and more. There are also some interesting theme design options, such as the theme change according to the time.

8 Apps Lock Screen Android 2017 For Security Rating: 4.5 Written By: Bieb Alfie

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