Suunto Ambit 2 and 2S In-Depth Complete Detail Review

Suunto Ambit 2 and 2S In-Depth Complete Detail Review - It's been merely over a year since the first Suunto Ambit came out (which for clearness I'll utilize the term Ambit1 during this review), and also during that time Suunto has made impressive development on the original device via a series of pre-announced and also predictable (as well as promptly!) firmware updates. Today, Suunto has actually officially revealed their newest enhancement to the lineup, the Ambit2 as well as Ambit2 S. With the brand-new Ambit, Suunto is squarely taking aim at not only the ultra-running and treking market that the Ambit1 targeted, now-- the triathlete. It presents both indoor and also openwater swimming capability, as well as multisport method. With a variety of various other features, make indisputable that this is intended straight at the Garmin FR910XT.

Suunto Ambit 2 and 2S In-Depth Review

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However, how well does it function? As well as can it knock the FR910XT off the leading area? Well, I've invested a great deal of miles with the watch lately, as well as am right here to give you all the information: Good, bad, as well as unsightly.

Since I intend to be straightforward regarding my testimonials-- Suunto sent me 2 last retail devices to experiment with (Ambit2 as well as Ambit2 S). As soon as I'm total below, I'll send this back to Finland then head out as well as buy my own (to be able to assist y' done in the remarks part down the road). Easy as that. Sorta like hiking in wild tracks-- leave only footprints. If you discover my evaluation beneficial, you can utilize any of the Amazon or Clever Training links from this page to help sustain future testimonials.

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Last but not least, at the end of the day remember I'm much like other routine triathlete around. I write these reviews since I'm naturally a curious individual with a technology background (my day job), and also hence I try and also be as total as I can. Yet, if I've missed out on something or if you find something that does not fairly jive-- merely let me understand and I'll be happy to get all of it ironed out. Also, since the innovation globe continuously alters, I attempt and also return and upgrade these evaluations as new features as well as capability are added-- or if pests are taken care of.

So-- with that introduction, let's get involved in points.

Due to the fact that I'm covering two somewhat various variants of the Ambit in this article, I'll be doing 2 unboxing's here, somewhat jointly.

Below are the two designs. The Ambit2 is on the left, as well as the 2S is on the right. Evidently there was a mix-up as well as they sent me the initial Ambit1 box for the Ambit2 S. Nevertheless, right here they are:

On the back however, you’ll see in the SKU that it does list the 2S on the right side for the lime one.  Perhaps they were trying to recycle old boxes. Shrug.

Taking a detour for just the full Ambit2 model, here’s its inner box removed from the outer shell:

Inside, you’ll find the watch looking up at you:

Below the watch is a compartment with all of the accessories included.  This will vary slightly depending on whether or not you picked up the variant with the heart rate strap.  Otherwise, you’ll still find the USB charging cable, and the manual.

Inside the box of the 2S you’ll find the USB charging cable, the manual, and depending on which variant you’ve bought – the heart rate strap.

And the backside of the 2S.  You’ll see it’s essentially identical on the back to that of the Ambit1, and the Ambit2.

Looking at the common accessories, you’ve first got the USB charging clip.  This four-pin charging clip simply bites onto the unit itself, and can be powered via any old USB wall outlet you have lying around – or a computer.
Then depending on which bundle you bought you’ll also have the HR strap. This includes the strap piece, and the little pod that snaps in between it:

Here’s how it snaps into place on both sides (in this photo, it’s half-snapped on the left-side):

Note that the Suunto strap included is NOT ANT+.  Meaning the strap included is not compatible with any ANT+ devices you may have, instead, only working with other Suunto devices over a proprietary variant of ANT.  That said however, if you do have an ANT+ strap (say you’re converting from being a Garmin/Timex/etc…. user), then that will work with the Ambit lineup (all Ambits).  Good deal, huh?

Finally, you’ve got the manual.  Unlike most companies in the sports technology world however, Suunto’s manual is actually really detailed and very solid.  And in nine languages.

Now that everything is unpacked, let’s go ahead and look at how it compares in size to other units.

Suunto Ambit 2 and 2S In-Depth Complete Detail Review Rating: 4.5 Written By: Bieb Alfie

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