5 Simple Way How to Solve IPAD Not Charging

solving  iPad not charging - When you no longer want your iPad charging via charging cable (also known as lightning cable) than you would first have to rule out where the problem is located. It can have several causes why you no longer want to charge Ipad. It can to your lightning cable are maybe this a cable break or your connector of your iPad is contaminated where you connect your charging cable. In the following steps we go you explain what you can do to solve this problem.

How to Solve IPAD Not Charging

5 Way How to Solve IPAD Not Charging

  1. Connect your iPad to the Lightning-to-USB cable or with an Apple 30-pin to USB cable. And connect it to a power source that can be a socket (220v), a computer, or a flow accessory. Outlet Connect the charging cable to a USB adapter and insert the adapter into the power outlet. Computer Connect your charging cable to the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on a computer that is turned on and not in leep mode. Use the USB ports on the keyboard does not. Power accessory Connect the cable to a USB hub with power supply, docking station or other accessory that is certified by Apple. 
  2. Then make sure you see a lightning bolt next to the battery symbol in the status bar or a large battery icon on the access panel. iPad not charging
  3. When you are not "bolt of lightning" (charging) see please check your cable on any cable break. If you also try another cable and see if you see a difference now.
  4. Check the connector of your Ipad to dust and dirt. You can use the connector gently cleaning with a toothpick or you blow it clean with compressed air.
  5. Try a different power source: i.e. a different outlet, USB, or power accessory.

If, after following these steps have not found a solution, then your battery can also still be the problem, then it is advisable to let your iPad to look at a repair shop.

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