A devices includes several applications from Apple like: Messages, Schedule, Photos, Camera, facebook, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Time, Calculator, Records, Settings, iTunes, App-Store, Phone, Email, Safari, Voice Recorder, Compass and iPod.

Cydia is comparable to the App-Store because it'll permit you to incorporate many more applications such as: activities, networking programs, productivity applications…etc. In addition it allows you to adjust the design of the iPhone. You're able to choose from a number of styles that change your icons, wallpaper, pier and status bar. You can also employ an application named WinterBoard like your dialer keypad, your Conversation to changes things bubbles, the color of the Signal and WiFi bars

Just as last time, a silent release from Cydia, Cydia is now out and you can get it here.
You wont be able to upgrade through cydia, though there are very simple steps to upgrade to the latest version.
This release includes bug fixes and stability.

Cydia Updated to Version 1.0.3366.7

Download Cydia Updated to Version 1.0.3366.7 

1. Download it.
2. Install it via iFile OR Use Cydia AutoInstall feature by copying the new package into /var/root/madia/cydia/AutoInstall and reboot.