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Download Game GodFinger All-Stars Free For iOS  - Game is always has a attractive and it has a lot of fun. This is a adventure game, Be an All Celebrity: Admiration and also terrify your followers with godly marvels; send out followers jumping via the paradises in the new Leap Game mode; and also collect Follower Stars to power up your minions. Play a divine ruler and create as many Fan Stars with GodFinger All-Stars. You could awe and scare your fans with godly powers by sending your fans jumping with the heavens in the brand-new Jump Game method or wow followers with your wonders to develop Follower Stars. You could also Mold your planet in your image and harness wonders to terraform landscapes by transforming deserts right into lush plains, flood gullies, flower garden or crush boulders with lightening.

You can likewise welcome friends to GodFinger to have a look at your planet or discover their very own worlds and also enchant fans to make extra gold.

Download the latest Game GodFinger All-Stars Free For iOs 2016

EXISTING GODFINGER PLAYERS: Your conserve data will certainly move over to All-Stars when you log right into plus+.

Wow followers with your marvels to produce Fan Stars. Gather them all to level up your followers' star power, gaining pleasant incentives for you as well as your close friends.

Download Game GodFinger All-Stars Free For Android 

Jump your fans off clouds in the brand-new Jump Game mode to gain perk gold as well as Stars.

Mold your world in your photo. Harness wonders to terraform surface, transform deserts right into rich plains, flood gullies, have blossoms and also crush boulders with lightning.

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