4 Ways How to earn credits / Money From imvu Game

4 Ways How to earn credits / Money From imvu Game - Do you want to earn money from IMVU ? if yes.. you can start from now.. i think this is the big issue for new publisher they usually confused on how to earn money from playing game on IMVU . as we know IMVU has allowed ways that its users can go around and earn promotional credits (Predits) that they can use to go shopping in the virtual catalog. Here are a few ways to earn credits:  these pictures is the ways how to do :

How to earn credits  Money From imvu Game

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Here what you can do to earn Money from IMVU

  1. Visit the new product page every 24 hours- if you visit the new product page every 24hrs, you will be credited 50 promo credits. It isn't much I know but if you go back the next day after 24hrs, you get another 50 credits. And it has to be exactly 24 hours or more that you last visited, here is the link: http://www.imvu.com/catalog/products_new.php
  2. Try your chance at IMVU's free credit spin, you can win from 0-500 promo credits- This works almost the same, every 24hrs your allowed to use the free credit spin, when you visit the page you click "Spin now" and a slots reel shows up and spins. You can either win 0 credits, 17 credits, 132 credits, or 500 credits. You are not guaranteed to win, so you just have to be lucky. Here is the link: http://www.imvu.com/catalog/web_spinfree.php
  3. Invite a friend - if you use IMVU's referral program you can earn up to 1,500 credit per person you have invited. This is how it works, you send them an official IMVU web invitation, if they sign up AND verify their e-mail address that they used to create their account, you will be credited with 500 promo credits. If they have their first 3D chat, you will be credited with ANOTHER 500 predits. Now, if they also have their fifth 3D chat, toy are, once again, credited with 500 predits, that is 1,500 predits in your virtual pocket! Now think, if you invite 5 people and all five of these people do those steps, you could be credited 7,500 predits, BUT they all have to do those simple steps for YOU to earn credits. So the more people you invite, the more credits you could earn. Here is the link to IMVU's referral program: http://www.imvu.com/catalog/invite/inviter.php
  4. There's a free-spin game, but you can ONLY do it once every 24 hours. You used to be able to pay 75 creds to play again, but i think they changed / are changing that. There's also a treasure hunt game, but i haven't had much luck with that. I don't know the links off the top of my head, but if you go to my avatar page, and scroll down to my blog there's links there, oh, and you can also go to the New Products page everyday and earn 50 credits. 

There are also another way to earn credits, but you have to spend credits to do it, becoming a Content creator. To develop virtual products for the catalog you gave to have "Guest_" removed from your name and to do that you have to pay for it. Here is a link about the creator program: http://www.imvu.com/creators/education_center.php?tutorial_id=2226070

This is how you earn credits, I hope this helped and if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask, you can visit me on IMVU at:

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