10 The Most Popular People / Pages In Facebook

After long day i dont publish anything on my blog now i have some spirits to write again. i hope this is the first time i start to write in a long period of time. Okey.. want to know Who are the most popular people /  page in facebook? how we know the people who has a a lot of big fans. we can know from their facebook account. most of theme usually works as a Celebrities. And from this page i will start the big series for most like facebook account or pages. They works as celebrities, footballers, players, models, politicians and many more popular things of the world, As we know that when people create facebook account they can  only make 5000 friends.

And i see  lot of people can find a thousands friends easily and also not infrequently still many people out there get trouble finding friends on facebook. How if you become a celebrity, you will have more fans so eas. just create page on facebook or twitter account and you will see the growth of the follower fast and quickly.  but for you who want alwasy connected with these popular people in facebook just follow them by click these links.

10 The Most Popular People  Pages In Facebook

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Top 10 Lists Of  The Most Popular People / Pages In Facebook 2015

Rank  Name                                Total Likes           Weekly Growth     Daily Growth 

10     The Simpsons                       71,717,070       +155,666              +22,210   

9     Michael Jackson                    72,133,022       +362,873              +41,962 

8     Cristiano Ronaldo                    76,786,141       +448,098              +52,956

7     YouTube                                    78,947,450        +103,068             +13,527

6     Coca-Cola                                 80,905,045        +311,955             +32,848

5    Eminem                                     84,660,986        +494,914             +66,106

4     Rihanna                                     86,462,819        +134,589              +18,811

3     Shakira                                     87,849,760         +993,727              +134,672

2     Facebook                                  144,365,483        +445,543              +68,665     

1     Facebook for Every Phone      413,741,416      +3,832,024           +539,003         

Finally..  Top 10 Facebook Most liked Page

I just hope you will enjoy this collection and also may be useful for your knowledge,if you want more please see the other people / brand names in http://www.pagedatapro.com  or  thanks.

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