Here is a Wow Smiley On Facebook

Here is a Wow Smiley On Facebook - A emoticon (sometimes merely known as a contented or smiling face) could be a conventionalised illustration of a smiling golem face, a crucial a part of widespread culture. The classic kind designed in 1963 contains a yellow circle with 2 black dots representing eyes and a black arc representing the mouth, here the smiley that you can save on your PC and then use every you want to.

Facebook emoticon holding wow sign
For status, comments and chat

Copy the emoticon.
Click on icon on Facebook.
Paste the emoticon in the File name field and click Open.

Wow smileyIf someone says something on Facebook that surprises you (possibly every day), you can post this image in a comments section or in a message. Express yourself creatively when you share our vast array of emoticons and smileys. We design new ones all the time. We hope you'll visit our website often.

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